man in gray crew neck t-shirt sitting on green grass field
man in gray crew neck t-shirt sitting on green grass field

Yoga Healing Sanctuary

Join us in transformative experience of yoga, meditation, and spiritual discovery.


Journey to Bliss

World Happiness School(WHS) stands as a lighthouse of authentic spiritual practice, transformative teaching, and research into ancient techniques of self-exploration.

The core priority at World Happiness School is to guide students towards mental and physical peace, and happiness in the search for the great spirit within and around them.

Our Courses

We offer yoga retreat to calm your mind and attain focus using yoga

Yoga Retreats
Meditation Retreats

Escape to a peaceful sanctuary and deepen your yoga practice

Discover inner stillness and cultivate mindfulness through meditation

Reiki Courses

About Us

World Happiness School is a yoga school dedicated to helping individuals find inner peace, happiness, and wellbeing. Our experienced teacher, Swami Prakash, offers a range of transformative practices including yoga retreats, meditation retreats, reiki healing, and ayurveda treatments.

The yoga retreat is a life-changing experience. It helps to felt rejuvenated and at peace after practicing yoga and meditation.

Expand Your Vision

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring
woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

The emotional blockage chakra treatment helps release deep-rooted emotions and find inner peace by practicing.

shallow focus photo of sea
shallow focus photo of sea

The reiki course at World Happiness School are incredible. It gives a sense of calm and balance after each session.

Meet Swami Prakash

"My priority is for my students to find mental and physical peace, to be fulfilled and happy, and on the search for the great spirit inside and all around.”

Swami Prakash has dedicated his life to exploring and finding different treatments and healing techniques in order to help people improve their life and overall health.
His specialties are in healing migraines, stress, anxiety, blood pressure problems, obesity, disturbed immune system, cervical and lumbar spondylitis and many more.

Swamiji's Vision:

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